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The house is №4 of 100 national touristed objects
The Kordopulova house and its history through centuries interesting and magica valuable and with eternal architecture,it is one of the most significant constructions in Melnik and has a rich interior.It is situated like a divine and precious pearl in the middle of the carved sandy screes and the beautiful nature of the city.

It is the biggest house from the Revival period in the history of Bulgaria and was built by the rich family Kordopul from Melnik in 1754.

The place,the excavated basements,the ground floor,speak about the great creation and mind during its construction ,which keeps and fulfils the tradition of producing red wine. The Kordopulova house consists:
- a ground floor with excavited basements for wine,with storing capacity 250-300 m of wine.
- half-floor for economical purposes and bay floor for residence.Entering the house there is a very strong impression from one of its fabulous room.This is the living room which is very large and there are 12 windows.The lower row of windows is in Bulgarian style and they are tipical for our restoration construction.

The upper row is decorated with color glasses which release big amount of light and are kind of mixture between Venetian and oriental elements.The north wall of the room in which the wardrobes are built is skillfully decorated with ornaments from the baroque age.

The ceiling of this room is made of wood,representing the sun with 12 sharp rectangles in the number of the months in a year.Noticeable in this room will also be that in it marvelous barrels for wine are preserved from which once the guests of the house had drunk from the famous Melnik wine.In it also preserved skillfully made carpets which cover the wooden basis of the room.

On the ground floor of the Kordopulova house there are true,even fantastic labyrinths and wine basements and each of them has its own history. In them the famous Melnik wine was produced and stored,and today the owners have kept this tradition and they meet with wine every visitor of the house. The knelt baskets,the deep and rich,but old interior speak about style of living and preserved very well even today.

One of the rest attractions of the Kordopulova house is the biggest basement,which is 200 m long.there is a tank for water for drinking and a well for industrial purposes. In this basement 250-300 t of wine can be stored.

The bedroom is in typical (oriental) style of beauty,also called the Turkish room. A lot of windows are in it and they are made in all the colours of the rainbow. The Kordopul house has a summer and a winter balcony,which are two big attractions for the guests.

The summer balcony ,which is opened and bound to the house,can be reached trough a curled wooden stair.Here every guests can sit in sunny weather during summertime and marvel at the beautiful sight of the nature of Melnik.

The Kordopul house is a house-museum,situated like a Balkan in the middle of melnik's nature.

It is the biggest house on the Balkan Peninsula and is the greatest eternity in the in the history of Melnik.It is a gift from ages.

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